About Me – Profile

It is often not easy to make the first step in discussing psychological issues. I am therefore taking the first step for you, by introducing myself and telling you a little about me. My name is Nina and I am a Clinical Psychologist with medical training.

I started my professional life as a medical student in Austria, Vienna. After six years of training, I had found my true calling within the science and art of psychology. I moved to Greece and attended the American College in Athens. I started gathering knowledge on the human mind and behavior. With the Psychology Bachelor degree in my hands, I then moved to Germany, Mannheim. I graduated from the University in Heidelberg in Clinical Psychology. Now I am running my own practice and I created this website to expand my practice to a global level.

nina fotoThis is my personal website and every appointment booked is handled by me personally. Everything you see on this website is written by me personally. By reading the content, you get to know a little more and more about me. I believe, that in the modern times we currently live in, we need to extend psychology to be available to everyone, at any place and at any time. My goal here is to provide you with the opportunity to have your personal clinical psychologist, no matter where you are.

I speak English, German and Greek fluently and therefore your sessions with me can be in either of the three languages. If you are in Greece, please refer to the Greek website http://www.vclinicalpsychology.gr/ . The softwares I am comfortable working in, are listed in the services area of the website. There are many more available, but I have decided to go with the ones I listed as services here, becausethey guarantee the appropriate technical quality of a psychological session. Some of you may already know me from the online community as Nessija or Nessaja.

I am a regular person and a little bit “out-there”, which allows me to understand what you are going through and to help you. Feel free to use the contact form at any time of the day or night. I (usually) don’t bite!