Thoughts Keeping You Up At Night Drain Your Daylight

Thoughts Keeping You Up At Night Drain Your Daylight

Thoughts Keeping You Up At Night Drain Your Daylight

Are your thoughts keeping you up late at night? Do they make you move during night time, when you should be sleep? Do they keep you from falling asleep?

The human mind is not perfect. Solutions to certain issues do not come easily. We have to think about the problem again and again, because every solution to every problem is somewhere in our mind. Finding it, takes time.

Many people have a habit of thinking about their issues, when they should be going to bed and falling asleep. The problem just wont let them go. By thinking about it, the body loads up with adrenalin, which we need to stay awake during the day, and it makes us feel more awake instead of tired. Only when the resources are drained, we finally get some shut-eye.

But with this strategy instead of solving one issue, we generate several new ones. If we drain our adrenalin reserves the night before, it will be very difficult to get up in the morning and to feel refreshed. The body will not have enough time to recover after we drained it, especially if our bed time was delayed due to the thinking process. With few hours of sleep and physical and mental resources not recharged, the next day is rough. Put many such nights and days together, and you are steadily working yourself into a burn-out.

Thoughts Keeping You Up At Night Drain Your Daylight

Thoughts Keeping You Up At Night Drain Your Daylight – Sleep Psychology

Doing all the thinking at night has another disadvantage. After a full day of being awake and about, your mind is weak, because it is tired. If you think at night, you are thinking with a tired worn-out mind. You are trying to race a track without any petrol left. With this tactic, you delay the process of finding a solution, which amounts to self-torture… and in fact your thoughts begin spinning and confusing you even more. You are working against finding a solution, while you are working for it. See how that logic is completely bizarre?

You need to make sure, that you are recharging over night. Also, you need to make sure that you find a qualitatively appropriate solution to your problem. You can do both.

First, write down the things that keep your mind at work before you go to sleep. Leave your list in a place that you can find in the morning, far away from your bedroom. Tell your mind, that you can think about the issues tomorrow, with fresh energy and plenty of resources. You will have better results after having had a good night’s sleep. If the thoughts keep bothering you, tell yourself “stop” and imagine something soothing to fall asleep. When you wake up on the next morning, take your list and get to the bottom of the issues in the morning, with fresh energy. Try again the next morning, if need be.

Second, some issues are very far fetched from our usual way of thinking. To get our mind working more productively, it helps to bounce ideas off of another person. Talk about the problem. And I don’t mean this in the psychological sense of “if you talk about it, you will feel better”. No. If you talk about it, your mind gets to work differently, than it does when you only think about it. Because your chat partner is not up to speed on the issue, you will have some explaining to do. This explaining helps your mind sort out all the weeds of your mental garden. You are then more likely to find a solution, not because of the other person, but because your mind is more clear.

To sum up, strategies we use during our day or night may be disadvantageous. We need to filter those out and use functional ones. Feel free to try the stop-technique and the idea-bouncing strategy!